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Upcoming NFT/Play-To-Earn, First Person Shooter, Survival, Base Building and Complex Crafting system, AAA Quality Developed with Unreal Engine

Players review

“Good visual style, there are cool the moon vehicle and the moon and nice physics of vehicle” Username
“Stunning visuals” Username
“I love this game. Very well done” Username
“Magnificent concept” Username
“It’s very empty but feeling it radiates
is very welcomed”
“So far I have found it quite immersive” Username
“Well I gotta say that I really
enjoyed playing Both demos”

action shooter

Cooperate with your teammates to survive in a hostile environment and complete with the opposing team! Locate and extract valuable resources that are for crafting and base buildeing!


A limited amount of oxygen allows players to move safety only for a particular period of time. Each player within the team has the ability to request a limited number of airdrops which delier extra oxygen supply to his position.

and trade

Our $MOST token lies at the heart of our extensive and complex crafting system. You will be able to create and upgrade attachments, weapons, machinery, structures, vihecles and more!